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A tale of Greek Mythology. Among Gods: Part 1: Love Blossoms :: Completed Part 2: Blossoms into War :: In Progress Story arc: War among Gods. Part 1: Story of HadesxPersephone Part 2: Stories from the Underworld Story Arc: Greek Gods doing Godly things.


October 11th, 2012, 2:26 pm

Part 2: November 10th

Part 2 should start being uploaded on November 10th...

I say should. Because I just found out as of October 29th I no longer will have a job. So this is exciting! :|

But keep a watch out on my tumblr blog > for WIP and things comic related.

I am also working on a side story that happens in the 10 years between Part 1 and Part 2. Not sure when I'll put it up. I may work on it during the hiatus.

Also...I know I changed the domain name from winter blossoms to Love blossoms, but I may change it again to Among Gods, seeing as that's the actual name I've come up with for all 3 parts >.< I am sorry if this bothers people!!

I am going to start work on a characters page, Once Part 2 rolls around a lot more characters are going to in and out, so I thought it would be helpful to have a page with bios :D

Last note: I need a new banner!!! If anyone would like to come up with a good idea for a Banner for Among Gods, please comment, message, poke, email me! I'd love to hear\see it!!!

Thanks everyone who's stayed through with Part 1!

Part 2, I promise will be a bit more uniformed, I finally found my preferred comic shading style! :D

June 25th, 2012, 9:04 am

Dead Tablet = Comic HIATUS


Today my tablet died. I've had it for a little over 2 years, and its an intuos 4 tablet, so I am a bit disappointed that for such a good quality tablet, it died withing 2 years. But I am out of my warranty, and I have absolutely no money to buy a new one.

So what does this mean for our Greek Mythology Comic! It most likely is sadly going on a Hiatus :( But the sad thing is I wont be working until August 1st. So My first paycheck would be middle of August, and that paycheck is going to my by the time I'd be getting a new tablet, we'd be estimating around the beginning of September.


I am trying to get a hold of Wacom and see if I can do anything to get myself tablet running again, but I seriously doubt it.

One thing I might try and do so that this comic doesnt die in its 3 month no tablet hiatus, is good ol' fashion pen and paper. Not gonna lie though, I havent drawn on paper in a while...and when I do it's always weird looking! (Paper doesnt have layerrrrss!!)

So until I can whore myself out to my friends who have tablets and maybe spares, the comic will be placed on a Hiatus.

April 10th, 2012, 4:30 am

Hades x Persephone

Hello all.

I am pretty new to Smack Jeeves, so I have no idea what to do @ w @ fun!

Winter Blossom is a Hades x Persephone story that is based off Greek Mythology.

This story is actually a prequel to another story that I will talk about wayyy later.

Part 1 is the simple abduction of Persephone and how it really happened. And Part 2 will be life after.

Reasons why I am doing this comic are:

1. Love for Greek Mythology and Hades x Persephone
2. I want to better myself as an artist and a write in story development.
3. Hades x Persephone needs all the love.

I will try and update this comic once a week, sometimes more, This is my first comic, so I am going to test it out, see what flows and goes from there.

Thank you!


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